Friday, May 14, 2010

Kabuki Creations, 60L sale, 15/16 May

I know you hold your breath all week until you can see what Kabuki Creations has in the 60L sale, well you can let it out now. *grins* This weekend Naku is offering two more awesome animated poses, "The Heart" and "Love Blooms Here". These are two very sweet poses that will have your hearts going pitter patter.

Of course both poses are animated, allow you to show or hide pose balls, sync movements, and adjust positions easily. (Just edit linked parts to adjust.)

I had not seen Kipp for a while, so when he showed up I just had to run and jump into his arms, showing him how excited I was to see him. As I gripped his neck and snuggled close, he gripped my bottom tightly and laid a kiss on me I'll not soon forget! *sighs in pleasure* I always love it when a man can catch me up and hold me close like that. I had to fight not to wrap my legs around his waist and stay there for the rest of the night. *shudders with the memory*. *whispers* Isn't he sexy?

Of course not to be outdone, Audi popped over for a little one on one time with Kipp also. You can bet your booty Kipp didn't have a problem with it as she pulled him down to keel with her, her legs cocooned between his as she kissed him with all she had. And the little minx just had to pull his hands close to her heart so he could feel the beat, at least that was her excuse, we all know what she really wanted him to feel. *laughs*

Kipp, such a man ho, loved all of the attention. I know he's going to go buy the poses so he can use them with other girls...LOL Next time I'll have to pull out my Kabuki Lover's Rug so Audi and I can kiss him at the same time and send him into over-drive. *winks and wiggles her butt* Be sure to stop by Kabuki Creations for both of these great poses.

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