Friday, May 7, 2010

INTERAZZO life::style monthly group gift

Free gifts, yay! Who doesn't like free gifts? Yeah, that's what I Well let me sweeten the deal, who doesn't like free shoe gifts? Hahaha, I knew that would get your attention even more. Check out these adorable slip on sneakers or skater shoes from INTERAZZO life::style, free monthly group gift!

(You think I'm naked behind that box, don't you? *giggles*)
That's right, join the in world group for free and each month you will get a new gift from Antje. AND, she's offering them in male and female sizes. Isn't she a sweetie? The shoes won't be unisex every month, but there will always be a gift for men and women. You gotta love a merchant that thinks of us all.

These sneakers are rubber soled, black base color with pink skull designs. They have a resize script that couldn't be easier to use, and you can remove the script when you get the perfect size to cut down on lag.

(Ok, well yeah, I had clothes on, but it was fun making you think I didn't. *winks*)
This store has some awesome shoes, so be sure to look around while you are there. Also keep in mind Antje is part of the LOW and 60L groups, so don't miss those great deals. I'll see you at INTERAZZO life::style.

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