Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mynerva + Black Atelier + Onyx Wear + Muze + Zeus + Mango Mango + Govil

Skin : Mynerva 10L sale on one makeup (sale is over ... but you can still visit and show some love)
Hair : Group gift from Black Atelier
Tat : Onyx Wear 0L for a limited time
Lingerie : 10L at Muze

Mynerva + Black Atelier + Onyx Wear

Hair : Previous gift from Zeus
Skin : Mynerva 10L sale (sale is over.. but she still has great stuff !!)
Outfit : 10L at Muze

Mynerva + Muze + Zeus

Cause I like the image in black and white...

Mynerva + Muze + Zeus

Skin : Mango Mango subscribo gift will not be sent out again.
Hair : Group gift from Govil
Outfit : 10L at Muze

Mango Mango + Govil + Muze


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