Wednesday, May 19, 2010

D&V Creations 2 day closing sale!

I am very sad to say that Veronica has decided to close D&V Creations. If you've read my other blog posts about her store then you know she makes some of the most awesome furniture with amazing detail. While she will still sell some stuff on marketplace, her in world store is closing. Of course that means it's time for you all to get some great deals. Almost everything in her store is on sale for amazing discounts for the next two days.

Here are some pictures and prices for you. Of course this is just a sampling of what she has to offer, I couldn't fit it all on
Beds were 2800, now 500L...beds have 216 poses & are Xcite & Sensations compatible
Complete bedroom sets were 3000, now 700L

Living room sets & complete living rooms were as much as 1100 - 1500, now 600- 750L

Dining rooms were 350-500, now 200L

Offices were as much as 350, now 100L
Kids bedrooms were as much as 1000, now 400L

The bigger sets -
The 3400L Next Gen set is now 850L

The Hope Collection was 4200, now 1500L

Hope bedroom was 3000, now 700L
Hope Style was 600, now 450L
Hope Comfort was 1200, now 750L
No individual item sales full sets only except for the adult beds.

There is so much on sale here, but this gives you an idea. And if Veronica doesn't have her houses and club buildings on sale when you go, she will soon. Honestly it's hard to find better quality items than at D&V Creations, she has always taken great pride in her work and used very realistic textures. So don't miss out on this great sale, but hurry, doors close Thursday at 5 p.m. SLT.

For those of you looking for property, she is also selling her sim, it's hard to beat the price she's asking too...seriously low! So send her a note if she's not online before it's all gone...Veronica Weiser

I know this stuff is not free, but it really is amazing deals that won't happen again and you won't want to miss!

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