Friday, May 7, 2010

Ela Design, 60L sale, 8/9 May

Are you a FSW? Well you certainly will be a Fun, Sexy, Woman after you shop at Ela Designs this weekend. Elara is putting out three 60L items for you so you can have a matching set...earrings, choker, and belt. The earrings have multiple silver squares of different sizes hooked together, and the top square has chains dangling that move as you move.

The choker is made up of two rows of multiple silver squares woven together with silver chains, the front having chains and beads hanging down with cute charms hanging at the end...a star, a heart, and an ankh. And the back having longer chains and squares dangling down to brush your sensitive skin.

The belt is made in the same style as the bracelet with just one band of squares going around your waist and multiple chains hanging in front with the same charms connected to three of them.

The bracelet and choker have a resize script which is very easy to use, and the earrings are mod so you can adjust them how you want them. This set is so much fun to wear, and very sexy too, the men won't know where to look first...hehe But that doesn't matter, as long as they are looking at you! *grins* Buy just the choker, just the earrings, or just the belt if you want...but at 60L each, the whole set is more than worth it! So don't miss Ela Designs this weekend.

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