Saturday, November 5, 2011

#5 Classicism

I'm catching up. Week five of my challenge and the theme is 'Classic'.

I think ancient Greece, white marble, simple lines and harmonious proportions of mathematical precision. Whenever western society have wanted to start afresh, its gaze has returned to classic Greece for inspiration... which is why so many state buildings in former colonies are light in colour and have greek pillars. In fact, the White House is a good neo-classical example.

Then, of course, there's also classic fashion. Simple elegance that's easy on the eyes and never goes out of fashion. Think tux or little black dress. 

Classicism 1

The ancient greeks designed after mathematical ideals of a divine beauty and nothing is more perfect than the circle. This makes the Finesmith Cybergirl necklace a perfect centrepiece for an outfit. The bracelets are part of the set while the more toned downed ear rings comes from Alienbear. The Tear Drops & Diamond Earrings mirror the gem shapes in the neck piece AND they are 'classic' in their own right, created as they were back in 2007.

Classicism 2

I stuck to simple for the clothes and included soft folds and braided hairstyle to keep in touch with historic fashions. The colour was decided by the cardigan (Drape T & Cardigan Set from Scars), which you can have in any colour you want as long it's black. To avoid ending up with another black pants outfit (yet again the non-poofy bits of the, obviously, VERY useful Reich Pants from Tableau Vivant), I added a pencil mesh skirt (Lorene by Pixelated Design on the Marketplace). After that, I obviously gave the fem free reins. 

Black Sophie Hat - By Morrigan Hyun. Dug up from the depths of my inventory when I failed to find what I wanted in the stores. It's so old even the creator's account appears to be closed down. 

Backless Ankle Boots - COCO. I've used them before. Far from new but still looks good.

Hair - FTN683 with Anna45 added (extra front braid) and hair base from BooN.

I like the outcome, it reminds me about the almost fearful elegance of the late 1940s and 50s. I hope you find something that gives you pleasure in it as well.

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Margaux said...

Finesmith makes awesome pieces and she is soo creative. Great to see you showcase this wonderful work.