Saturday, November 19, 2011

#7 Fetish

The personal Finesmith challenge is nearing it's end, this is #7 out of 10, and the theme is fetish. Fetish might not an art form but it is most certainly a popular genre.

A fetish is really just an object believed to have super natural powers... ehm... kind of easy to see why the term also is used for sexual obsessions for certain things, be it objects, poses or whatever. That's about how much I will 'discuss' it... 'everyone' knows what it is anyway.

My personal take is focusing entirely on the passion and the helplessness we feel when we're up against something from our own unconscious. Very organic, very animalistic, something I've tried to reflect in the outfit. Again, quite different from the kind of images turn up in a google search, not any vinyl or rubber anywhere... just organica.

Fetish 1

Finesmith's In the flash - shpitz expressed exactly what I was trying to capture and I kept it as the only piece of jewelery. It was combined with a few things from ALB Dreamfashion: the Santina corset, feather shoulders from the Mara Elephant and the pants/stocking from the Mara Giraffe outfit. Yea, yea... you can have giraffes as fetish, no? Just imagine Freud's take on that.

Fetish 2

Other visible its and pieces are Bax black suede ankle boots, Obscure net top by deviant girls and Sockers thong from Jungle Wear.

Fetish 3

I found the long sharp nails by Cult of Belgar on the market place. I seem to have too big hands for all the real fancy nails, but these one are good. Costs a fraction and come with a colour and resizer HUD.

Cosmetics from A:S:S over Osakki's Creative Facepaint, my usual brands *shrugs*

There you have it. Hope something is of interest. Take care and have fun!

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