Monday, November 21, 2011

Latex, my love

For those of you who thought they lost out when there was no latex or straps in my last posting... I've got news for you. Latex Station is having an store hunt.

Latex 1

Ten female and two male free outfits have been placed out throughout the levels. With this I mean 12 different outfits, not colour variations of the same. They are easy to find with a systematic stroll through the futuristic store that's worth a visit in it's own right. You're looking for large boxes textured with the vendor images of the included outfit. As easy as it sounds. 

The hunt lasts to Friday so there's a few days still to go. 

Latex 2

My two favourites from the lot... obviously created with me especially in mind. Yummy!
Above: Overmoulding Blue.  Below: Francesca. Boots are not included. 

The poses were created on the spot using my trustworthy Animare, which I've blogged before => X.

Latex 3

That's it folks... have fun. If latex is your game, Latex Station is the name...

Now... if you will excuse me... *Turns my back*

Latex 4

Sooooooo... teddy... where did you say you hid the chocolate...?...

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