Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Like Flynn!

Sometimes you make a post with greater implications than you expect. In my case it was a rather harmless enjoyment of a nice moustache. I casually mentioned my desire for a thin little pencil moustache and my soon to be new best friend Kalli of the aforeblogged Discord Designs read this, and asked "what do you mean?" I was soon to learn I had missed an entire alcove in the November sale! Now give the amount of wall space I'm not entirely sure why she has these on the other side of the door but I am glad I found them! The Vega, the Gomez, they all caught my eye, but there were even greater treasures lurking that way too. Like the HG!

HG Wells

Why that is perfect for the time machine I needed for this adventure. You see SF Design have recently put some Elysium waistcoats up as their monthly free gift. But even better than that, they have also started selling them as part of a Victorian style suit! You get everything, from shoes to tie. Now it's a little more expensive than the Tasche Dash sale, but it is also truly stunning. HG enjoys it in brown and gold, obviously. But let's assume you're more of a villain. A rogue up to no good. Well then you should look to the red and black version.

Dick Dastardly

Of course HG is a good guy, so we turned to Salvadore for this facial wonder. He looks as Dastardly as Dick and you just know that brain is up to something. But truly, if there was a combination I would turn to it was obvious.

Errol Flynn

The blue and silver suit with a Flash on my top lip. Yes, what better for Flash than a tash to for that Flash harry look? It's perfect, I feel like Errol Flynn! I had to grab the full fat pack instantly for that one, on a day of great finds the Flash is easily my pick. Huzzah!

It should be noted that the moustaches all come in packs of 4, 12, or 36 shades, and the suits all come with numerous options of layers for jackets, shirts, and waistcoats, plus they have two ties for those who want more choices.


Lyrilen said...

That is a perfect combination for you my darling. I feel a photo session coming on.

Kallisti Burns said...

To address your statement - The wall space I currently have at the back will be allocated to forthcoming projects. I've also had unloaded vendors in that alcove since time immemorial - well - February, when I moved into the Moonsong store. I was determined to populate as part of the event, as they have been dwelling heavy on my mind for some time.

Hope that helps


Margaux said...

Great looking post. You give mustaches a whole new face!!

Flash said...

Oh I was confident you knew what you were doing, it just took a few extra brain cells for me to find them (which isn't a big shocker really - I'm a lazy thinker about these things).