Thursday, November 10, 2011

Out For Lunch

Topsy Turvy

Either there's something in the air or I have simply visited too many mind blowing builds these last few days. Whatever the reason, I feel the 'need' to push a little clothes-wise and try something new. 

Topsy Turvy 2

Feeling like this, what better place to make acquaintance with than Ladies Who Lunch? Even if I'm not exactly a lady, or that they would only cater for such, I had a ball among the quirky and fun avant garde stuff. Like the After 6 Jacket and Stovepipe Slacks (cuff sculpts turned upside down). Not the usual tails, exactly.

Topsy Turvy 3

The Alejandro Headdress is unique to say the least and doesn't exactly answer to mainstream aesthetics. I love it! The platinum hair and the separate eye pieces are included. Something to wear while around the grid and not just for dress-ups.

Topsy Turvy 4

And heeee...... one have to love the Army Mouse Helmet. Here combined with Hijab (modded to fit) and Harem Pants, both available in a wide range of colours. The pant racks looks like a lolly stand, a yummy range of colours and textures.

Topsy Turvy 5

I took these photos on Spencer Art Museum, funnily enough owned by the FL Spencer Museum of Art, (University of Kansas)... I would never have guessed! Anyway, it's an adventure. I used the 'Sailor's Delight' windlight preset and tweaked the gamma for more light and mmm... 

Real surrealism... or is it surreal realism? This is SL after all.

Topsy Turvy 6

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Margaux said...

great post and love the location :)