Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Flash In The Sky

On Sunday I suggested that women could (and indeed should) buy a men's jacket, which is all well and good but let's be honest, women probably have more quality clothes on offer to them. Take 22769 for example. I've been watching them grow since they were exclusively menswear, these days they probably have a bigger ladieswear section than they do menswear! And the thing is, they make my kind of clothes. Earlier today they released some sneak photos of their items at the Vintage Fair; us chaps will be able to buy a pretty respectable 60s jacket. The ladies? They get two stunning flight attendant outfits (very Pan-Am) to choose from, and the outfit probably every woman in SL should invest in - a Barbarella dollarbie!

Now I found this sickening. This is a rather stunning little outfit and only a dollar, and only for women... or is it? Men can go in space too you know! Don't believe me? Well here I am hanging around in zero gravity.

Flasherella Hanging

Forget Barbarella, that outfit is Flasherella! Now I will confess it took a little tweaking to make it fit. I'm probably not quite there yet, but I am about twice the size of the mannequin it was made on so a little effort is only to be expected. But I ask you what is wrong with that? I was so happy I felt I could dance the night away, so I did - until the region restart told me to move along and stop disturbing the peace anyway.

Flasherella Dancing

So there you have it, not just a call for more unisex stores, but unisex clothes! Women buy "boyfriend cut" jeans for a reason. Men know that their shirts will get stolen every so often. We have this already, so bring on recognition! Stop limiting your shopping to half the store, explore, browse, and seriously... male or female that outfit will only cost you a single dollar when the fair opens. That really is a deal that's out of this world.


Lyrilen said...

I'm so impressed with how you linked the background, the poses, the clothes..... it's a high talented melding - that changes a joke/stunt into SOMETHING out of BOTH worlds.

Margaux said...

yes I agree this is a great post and awesome to see you back in full force Flash

emmie said...
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Flash said...

Cheers, I shall try to maintain the madness!