Monday, November 28, 2011

#8 White

Almost there... week eight out of ten of my Finesmith challenge. A little bit late as well, but life's been busy.

The theme is 'White'. I'm 'in talks' with a very talented skin creator for at least one new skin, one that would do better justice to this colour... but here goes anyway...

White 1

White has, as every other colour, different associations in different cultures. In mine, being western, the colour is associated to purity, innocence and everything good while in the east it's the colour of death. Death is, I suppose, also a kind of purification. Of course, white is the illusion of death the winter snow brings with its slumbering potential. I wanted to express the purity of the colour in some cool elegance. Looking at the result, I think 'pure soul' was in my mind as this outfit slowly developed.

White 2

I chose Finemith's Black Nile set consisting of a goatee and ear rings as a starting point. The immediate associations to a white cross can't be ignored as a westerner. Beside the colour itself, these pieces presented a challenge in themselves... where are the role models for bearded ladies? The slinky line and feel of the goatee creates down the chest is different and refreshing. Personally, I would have been happy to have a gold option to choose between, but artists have very specific visions at times.

The goatee brings the thoughts to those little beards of the east... and maybe that's why I haven't actually ever seen these pieces worn. It's very brave to take such a male icon as a beard and make something utterly female out of it. It falls in the same category as my pet peeve, skirts for guys, where traditional gender values stands in the way for innovation.

In retrospect, the white cross do combine east and west... it's becoming clearer day by day the role various churches has played in oppression, exploitation and crimes against humanity as instrument of death and despair. What more erie stones but white diamonds in a cross shape to illustrate all that? Hee... I could write and essay on possible, and perfectly un-intended, symbolism of the design. That's not my intent nor do I want to associate my dark broodings with Yula's jewellery. These are beautiful, unique pieces... I mean, who else but Finesmith would make such perfect nipple shields and call them ear rings? *winks*

White 3

The other bits and pieces...

Hair: New Tower Hair from L+N Signature. Comes with hair base that has this cute little forelock that's worthwhile in it's own right

Make up: AstroGlam, black, from Nuuna

Jacket: From Cassie Outfit, Diram

Corset: Santina from ALB Dream Fashion. Comes with the alternative of continuing half way down the thighs as pants

Pants: Gatsby Pants, obviously the white version, from Tableau Vivant

Shoes and Bustle: Precarious Platforms and High Tea Gown, both from Ladies Who Lunch

Photos were taken at the beautiful art deco Cotton Club, one of my and my SL partner's favourite places in SL. My apologies to the lady who arrived in the middle of this who must have thought I was nuts while working with the pose. XD

Last but far from the least... the music. Enjoy!

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Margaux said...

Great Post and good luck in the Finesmith contest. She has some amazing stuff.