Friday, November 18, 2011

This Is England

Now I love a good little event, so when I heard about MENS.SELECT I got all excited. The Dressing Room? For guys? Sign me up! And what should be there but a blue parka like I had as a small boy! That was probably the first item of clothing I ever really wanted, and if truth be told the only one for a few years more. We all zipped them up and stared past the faux-fur porthole as we ran around and it was wonderful. So I grabbed one and considered going over a field to kick a ball about, but realised I'm a grown man now.

Parka Blue

The only option was the moody, brooding, young adult of the 80s. Sitting in wastelands drinking cheap cider, kicking the cans instead of a ball. Now, if you thought I was all set there, imagine my eyes when I saw that the creators, 22769, had another offering at The Vintage Fair - yes, the parka of my childhood wasn't enough for them, they wanted to turn me punk with a Union Jack parka too!

Parka Jack

Now I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of SL coats. So often they look a little too turtleshell for my taste, but people like them and the Union Jack parka is a very fine coat in that regard, but for me the Blue Parka is the find of the month - not only is it a wonderful blast from the past but it's also one of the best made coats I've ever come across. It fits! I adore this parka, and with winter coming I look forward to wearing it a lot more.

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