Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Dapper Tascher

There are more than a few moustaches making appearances in that real world place this month, and I kinda love it. Facial hair gets a bad reputation sometimes, and in fairness there is a lot of pretty dodgy stuff out there, but as I sit here with my perennial stubble I lament the sparsity of SL facial hair. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it's not exactly common, and even less commonly good.

Now the tattoo layer is a real boon for facial hair fans, especially now we can wear multiple tattoo layers for those of us who want to use that layer for something more central to our identities (in my case my actual hair, but for many their ink is a large part of them). But the tattoo layer is very flat. I can get a nice stubble happening sure, I can even claim it a tightly trimmed beard, but the reality is your options are limits to something plastered to your face. (A comment which incidentally has given me a craving for one of those pencil moustaches slicked down with... well possibly best not to ask what with.)

Anyway, my recent revelation and desire aside, a thin moustache is rarely doable is it? I mean, full facial coverage works from stubble to ZZ Top, but a stubble moustache? Sorry, you'd look like a teenager trying to prove to everyone he shaves by not shaving the 5 hairs off his top lip. SO we get to the three dimension facial hair. Yes, having ditched prim hair I realise I am missing out on a big part of the SL experience, but instead of growing flowing locks I took a quicker solution - put the prims on my top lip.

Lucky for me, over at Discord Designs they have the Tasche Dash! 30 days, 30 sets of primly goodness facial hair, at 30L - they say it's 30L each, but it's actually 30L for a pack of four similar shades.

Tasche Dash

As you can see above there are many boxes per day. Aside from the standard pack they also have a 12 pack for 60L, or as I was possibly a tad excited at the bottom row... 90L for all 36 shades! Yes, that is where my Amethyst Mario Moustache came from, the scary bottom row which also included blues and hot pink! (The hot pink is actually in the purple box should you desire it.)

I love it, there are 13 out already, and previews of the next couple of days. The old ones are still available though, it's not a limited "one day to buy" type sale, it's one more being released per day. They really are great fun, there's a beard and a soul patch also available already, with the promise of more varieties to come. In fairness, there are some similar offerings, but there really is only so much you can do with facial hair so look at it as a way to find the perfect variation for you.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to look as dapper as I do (or indeed slightly regal with my purpleness) get on over there and poke around.

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