Monday, November 7, 2011

Cuckoo about COCO

Hiya again... COCO is having a clearance sale, a massive one with stuff reduced down to 75% which brings many prices down to well below 100 lindens. It's been on since August so this is not new news exactly. So much happens in SL, it's easy to miss worthwhile events, though.

COCO isn't costly at any time so this is a golden opportunity to pick up some real fantastic bargains. For all you full fem guys, check out the new summer dresses.

The freshness of her apparel is timeless,  her garments will last a long long time. I've bought my way through most of her shop during my time in SL but I added the bits below at long last, true to my bad habits I made it a challenge: find a complete outfit among 'new' stuff.


Fresh from her vendors: Cropped Knit Tee (red, 75L), Asymmetric Mini Skirt (tweed, 75L), 
Slim Fit Pants (black, 50L) and the black Engineer Boots (v2 and resizer HUD, 250L). I haven't bought the boots earlier because I thought I already owned the 'ultimate' boots of that strapped style, but having seen the textures of these ones I'm changed alliance. These are the scrummiest to date! 


While at COCO, a visit to the gift shelf is a must.  All of them are serious keepers. The appearance of new gifts might be a bit sporadic, but the quality is as good as the priced stuff. As new gifts are added at one end of the shelf, the old are removed from the other. Next in line to disappear *sobs* is the classic black Turtleneck Sweater which has earned the position of 'essential' in my wardrobe. It comes with wrist cuffs and two different sized collars. The texture is very dark but has a true ribbed texture. Creates a bit of a contrast with the White Leggings ^^

The Flat Ankle Boots can be sized up to fit men as well. In fact I wore them as man in Gor and they looked better than most rp boots. They come with separate invisi prims, but it's an easy task to replace them with some random alpha from the inventory. The Shirt & Parka combo is available in four different colours divided on two  gifts. 



That's it for this time folks. The marvellous locations are from the fantastic The Path, a collaborate art project involving some of the best builder artists in SL. It's organised like a whimsical surreal tale where you have to find the tp to the next build. Each build is a mini world to explore. The creators of these two builds are Claudia222 Jewell and ROSE, respectively.

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great work and love how it all came together. thanks for sharing