Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Dark Mice

May I present a new version of Siss? I'm playing with my shape to see what happens. This version of me is at least one head taller, and the face reflect more the classic ideals of the mediterranean cultures that inspire my colours. I'm attending this modelling course you see, and this is part of the necessary tasks if you nurturing secret dreams to be a super model... or simply just want to pass the course.

After recovering from the vertigo and gaining control of the stilts, I think I'm quite dapper. 

Anyway... that is not what I wanted to tell you about. I would like to draw your attention to a couple of real nice jewelery deals I've come across with unbeatable prices. They are completely free! The first is the lucky boards at Dark Mouse. The second is the November group gift at Finesmith.

No Dark Mice 2

Dark Mouse is a treasure for vintage feeling jewelery, all beautifully done and in tastefully subdued colours.  I haven't been there for some time so it was news to me that the lone lucky chair from the past has been replaced by six lucky boards. Three of those together creates this softly colourful Midsummer set. Each piece is delivered with both warm and cool colour schemes options... think red and gold or blue and silver. 

No Dark Mice 3

I keep going on about Finesmith and I'll do it again... and again... simply because some of their stuff is amazing. Finesmith is also a generous store which spoils its group members (no joining fee btw) with sudden flash deals or impromptu gifts. Some of the gifts are very stylish indeed, like the Geo set below, which is the group gift for this month. 

No Dark Mice

The straight lines in the design and the large contrasting pearls suggests Art Deco and considering that the Vintage Fair is still going strong, this set is definitely SL a la mode. But then, this is SL, all styles are ALWAYS a la mode here. How great is that?

The rest of the outfit was cobbled together as follows, all with 'old' favourites:

Hair - Black Jack from Shag, on black hair base from BooN.
Make up - the subtle Guy Liner 12 from A:S:S and lip stain from Mock.
Jacket - obviously white version of R.icielli's Alexandra leather jacket.
Tank - brown transparent version of Summer Tank from A:S:S.
Pants - COCO's Slim Fit Pants in gold.
Shoes - Soubresout from 2g.

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