Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bring On The Violins

Ok, so the Vintage Fair is on. Not news anymore. It's a colourful, drool inducing experience and a good zen practice as it brings you down to the pace of the inevitable lag.

Despite the riches on offer, I was struggling to find stuff suited for the androgyne. This might be fair enough, to be honest, but still made my day a wee tad gloomy. The more fanciful the female outfits, the less extravagant the male... if present at all. And for the androgyne? He he.... well... not.


I realised this after I came across three theatrical creations from LG Concept Mademoiselle collection, sweetly suggesting commedia dell'arte and carnival. For once, my standard personal challenge at these events, 'create three outfits', failed and I had to leave the fair to find stuff to wear with them. 

Not that I'm complaining... in the end I had real good fun putting this lot together... keeping my initial gloominess as inspiration. For a larger version of the image above to see the outfits better, just click the X


The Violin Collar... sweet number one. Not yet available at the store but can be found at the shop at the fair.  Miamai released their new Linda Jumpsuit just in time to stop me tearing my hair out. White shirt and black opera gloves from the historic depths of my inventory. 

An old maiko skin became perfection with the black/pink Drama Eyes and Devil May Cry tears from Sorry Asia. Hooray for multiple layers, tears for Sorry Asia that's about to close the doors the 27th November. 

Last but not least.. my funny favourite PYO902 hair from BooN.


The Floral Napoleon... sweet number two. The original is a bit smaller... made to sit daintily on a fem hairdo. Comes as no mod and without any resizer... too many prims are already at their smallest size I was informed so mod was a risky business. Thank you LaGyo for this copy, making it possible for me to wear it in the male way on my larger head.

White Bow Shirt and Balloon Pants are both from COCO. Boots with stockings from ALB Dreamfashion, the 'seashore' Joy Boots.

The thematic Columbine Apres La Danse cosmetics is my latest purchase from Miss Shippe's Studio and hair base with the forelock comes from a new release at L+N Signature.


The Blind Mask - sweet number three. Perfect fit over a multiple layered makeup. The Devil May Cry tears and Nuuna's Astroglam Pink Makeup over the Clockwork Geisha from Tableau Vivant.

Cropped New Hope Sweater from Envious and Elaine Bell Bottom from Bliss Couture.

The backdrop is a photo of the de Chirico inspired tableau at the surrealistic Flashman's jazz club. Photos raw from SL... except the top one where three images was superimposed over each other.

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