Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There's a wave of store closures washing over the grid. It's always sad to see both familiar and unfamiliar names make their announcements. I'm hoping that, in the other end, there are as many new names opening their doors for the first time. 

For some creators, happily, closing down is just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. This is fortunately, for us, the case with Kayami Osakki (Kayashi Piers), who's closing the door to fashion and taking her talents down other creative paths. 

Consequently, Osakki is having it's last fashion sale, until 14 February, with some of her stuff available for seriously slashed prices. Her avantgarde outfits, the Kurai collection, are out for 100L a piece and other things, like the Grid Python Necklaces are going for 45L. An opportunity to experiment!

Osakki 1

Sometimes I feel like a vulture attending these sales... at other times ready to hit myself with something hard for not having visited before. With Osakki, I feel earnest sadness.

I usually can't wear an outfit as is and sometimes even not at all... so I can be a bit shy taking the plunge when it comes to paying full price. The result is that I far too often just keep looking without much else happening.

With this sale, I can have a real party without any such concerns...  I really like the stuff and with some mixing and matching I've discovered I can wear it pretty well. That discovery, just as she's getting ready to leave, is a downer. *kicks hirself*

Anyway... I only have myself to blame and I have a lot of fun. Each outfit comes complete with a matching face paint make up, 'must haves' in their own right. The outfit above is Discipline with its fantastic shoulder/arm pieces. I'm wearing it with black leggings from another outfit but out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Osakki 2

The glorious Ombre High Waist Pants from the Flow Jumpsuit can be worn separately (phew!) and I matched them with the Artica Voluminous Cropped Coat from Artica/Ena. The sleeves are huge and have a luscious black bear fur texture. 

There is an issue with the cropped coat, however, at least the prim collar is missing. I'm sure this is a mistake, Osakki has shown herself to take such issues very seriously in the past and I've notified her. Then, of course, considering it's a closing sale, I'm not too concerned to be honest... I LOVE the coat as it is.  BUT I did fashion my own little jacket layer since the one provided doesn't offer the same modesty level when worn alone as shown on the vendor pic. SO... I took some liberties with her texture. I solemnly swear I respect creators rights and beside this little consumer issue, I don't have any further plans. 

I just couldn't blog this without mentioning this little issue. For full fems, modesty is provided by the included bandeau and Ena Highwaist Bodysuit :)

Osakki 3

 The jewellery is Osakki's Grid Python Necklace from the sale and the retired Hamured Metal Cuffs in gun metal. Hair in the top outfit is, of course, MADesign's Tera. Hair in bottom outfit is Liberty HP from Vanity.

AND... this will sound weird to all pure gendered peeps that change skins as often as their underwear... may I present one of my new skins. It's the second time this year I'm fortunate to get something new. Marie Whitfield of Blush skins has very kindly created a couple of custom skins for me, using the lovely face of her Elle line. She has created her own vision of a true androgyne body... more defined and slightly more male-ish than the others I'm wearing... and they are stunning! To announce this with a huge splat of bright coloured face paint schplat in the middle might not be the best introduction but... Thank you, Marie!

Beside the different, slightly sharper 'feel' of her skin, the tones are 'cooler' and opens up a new world for me without having to compromise anymore. Of course... it also means I'll have no excuses now when I get the colours wrong XD

So... in all... a bittersweet mix of news. Osakki is closing but her sale is great and I've got new skins making me VERY happy. 

Take care and have fun! Oh... and the sims are of course Insilico, a place with worlds within worlds and getting lost is the standard, for me anyway.

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