Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Look At Me!

I feel I need to talk to the people who struggle to grasp my SLife since it's come to my attention that some people think it's pretty good.

Now I'm not denying there are benefits in being me, but really, sometimes it is just plain hard!

Case in point; you can simply stick your head out the door and grab the newspaper, but not me. When I open my door the paparazzi jump, hoping for a shot of me with egg on, if not my face, my dressing gown. I have to comb my hair and shave else tomorrow you'll see me all over the Linden Enquirer with headlines of my descent into madness and sloth.

Luckily I have a solution. The group gift at Contraption is called Blank Void - a nice black mask with gold cage (well really, I do need some luxury) that is perfect for hiding any toothpaste I've drooled on my chin. Ideal.

Of course, I can't risk a gust of wind blowing my robe up and showing the camera what's usually hidden in my pants, so I pull on a nice pair of comfy trousers, in this case the Light Chevron Pants that 22769 is selling for La Venta Eventa (only 69L).

For that added privacy? Why, I pull out a paparazzi pose from Stakey - the pack of 6 only cost me 50L since I'm in the group, but anyone can grab them for 100L.

Of course, all the privacy is great except one for one thing. No-one can see me! Lucky for me, those paps are determined folks (especially when I give them tip offs and bribes) so even as I recoil in terror from the flashing bulbs at the end of the driveway I can be safe in the knowledge, one of them is hiding in the bushes just for me.

Don't Look At Me!

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