Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Scriptum

Just a little PS from my last post. Osakki responded very promptly to my notecard about the missing jacket prim. I think I owe it to everyone to show what the Artica Voluminous Cropped Coat REALLY looks like... and to use the opportunity to show off another purchase from her sale. The Osakki closing sale is on until the 14 February.

Post Script 2

Thank you Osakki for your prompt response. Now the coat looks just as it should, with a dramatic collar and a wee body prim making the garment a solid voluminous furry hunk of good looking luxury.

I've left the midrib bare, again, just to show off one of my two my new custom skins from Blush Skins in a better light. I love the different feel of it.  This skin, based on her Elle line, is more mature and is just that little bit sharper than my old ones. Simply beautiful! Hush, stop the sniggering!  I rely entirely on custom skins so this is a BIG event for me! It has opened up new doors for me, seriously.

Makeup, Imperial Eyeliner and Mizu Gloss Copper Rose, are both from M.O.C.K. Beaded jewellery with several options with or without discs, is the black set of Wanderer from League.

Post Scriptum 1

The spiked Noxious Leggings - Phantom of The Opera are another purchase from the sale. There's a whole range of these dramatic leggings, none of which are the best to snooze on a waterbed with. The spikes are copy/mod so they have great potential. I copied some and made spiky matching additions to my sans heel Activa Ankle Boots from Neurolab Inc.

There you have it... one little PS that became much more. Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do. 

Take care and have fun!

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