Thursday, January 19, 2012

String Theory And Time

Earlier I lamented to Siss that I don't find more time to blog, which apparently doesn't bother anyone else, so I figured if no-one is that bothered I'd get all physical and post about string theory. Luckily I'm not actually that daft and I know that I'm the blog's beefcake, and if in doubt, I should get my nipples out! So how better to fulfil all these post options than to head to the beach with my string vest on?

String Theory

Yes, I'm over winter, take me down under and give me summer!

Luckily, I had just the outfit to balance nipples with science - Squares by Alexandre! It's 200L for the shorts, shirt, and bandana. Not too bad really, although I must admit I had one wish, that the bandana had a resizer script. It was about two times too big for my punny arms (and I'll actually say I prefer prims to come big rather than small so they don't vanish into my flesh) so I tried resizing it. A simple edit revealed I was shrinking the size of the knot though. This was... not helpful. Edit Linked Parts ended up resizing 3 prims, which are great for detail, but if I'm resizing three loops of the same item I probably want them to scale constantly, and more easily. I know there are arguments for and against, I'll probably sit both sides of the fence depending on the item and my mood, but today, with that, I wanted to click and resize. But I did it manually, and it's not a bad little bandana.

String Theory is 'armful

Yeah I know, it probably needs a bit more tweaking; the knot is a little too big and distant now, it's maybe not as snug as it could be, but for a speedy edit it's not bad. However... The watch? That has a resizer script and it took even less time and fits even better. Now you see why I'm cynical about the bandana. Officially the watch is part of Graffitiwear's unisex range, and women can wear it, but it's at the more masculine end of the range (it's one to click for the bigger image if you're interested - it's only 100L so a pretty decent price for such an accessory). Graffitiwear also sell the necklace... actually I'm not sure it's sold as unisex now I think of it, but it is very unisex anyway, and only 75L. It caught my eye because it's called Voodoo Fetish, which is just hard to ignore even if you're busy watch shopping. Personally I think it makes a fairly decent beach necklace on the chaps, but any ladies wanting bones or faces in their cleavage can probably pull it off with a few more outfits. But women are usually more flexible than men anyway.

Of course this post largely failed what I hoped. Sure I got myself a watch so I would keep better time and blog more, but the first chance I got I went straight to the beach, and everyone knows nothing productive ever happens at the beach! I made time to sprawl in the sand in my string vest, and while frolicking in the surf is great fun, it's not going to help me prove string theory... And, while it may not turn me into a blogging machine, it did get this post out of me. So what I'm saying is, don't expect me to win any Nobel prizes any time soon, but maybe the odd wet T-shirt contest or beach volleyball game, and who knows, maybe some blog posts too.

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Siss said...

Hahahahahaha As usual you have me in stitches... carefully done with your strings. Until next time, mate ;)