Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boots and not much else

It's the time to be weary now... anything labeled 'christmas' can be expected to be gone any day. So it's prudent to feel some urgency if anything worthwhile turns up labeled with that fateful word.

So... if you want these white Fur Boots for only a little bit of luck with the resident lucky board... you should make it down to Pelletteria Morrisey. In fact, the only luck you need for free goodies is to have read this and taken the time to visit the little store. There are several freebies up, covering sun glasses, bags, boots and shoes. When I visited last, the Christmas gift was still out as well (which was sort of three minutes ago when writing this). 

It is a fem store, so any guys who're still resisting the latest FL trend for high heels for men, won't find much here ;)

Boots and Very Little Else 1

It's not only for the free stuff I find this store attractive, there is a certain knack with textures on display among the vendor pics. Not all is brill, but there's enough of it to warrant a visit. The prices are low so there's even a chance of a bargain. 

For example the Leather and Snake Skin ankle boots below are 220L but that includes a matching bag as well. The fur boots above, four different colours, are 160L each and as you can see on my photo, you can almost smell the lanolin on that coarse sheep fur texture. Yup, that dripping sound is me salivating again.

Boots and Very Little Else 2

After the styling nightmare of my last post, I've kept the rest real nice and easy for myself in this. Both hairs, even if only the top one (Andrej) is at all visible, are new releases from Exile.

White Leggings - old group gift, COCO, still available
Leather Woven Belt - included with Leather Woven Pants, Mr.Poet, 170L
Avana Fur Jacket - blogged before, Designing Nicky Ree, not free

The Andrej Pejic inspired pose is one of my own (I'm feeling lazy so I used the same for both photos). I'm including it as a group gift in the group notice announcing this post. Just join Freebie Fashionista (a bit of a misnomer nowadays) and it's all yours. I really hope you'll enjoy it... *chews hir nails nervously*

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