Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letter Luck at Yasum

Yasum Design has added new stuff to their lucky chairs. Heee... there is some time since I was there so it probably be all be new to me anyway. Anyway, 17 chairs loaded with prizes for all genders, how about that? With so much stuff on offer, the 20 mins between letter changes are hardly noticed (no numbers or wildcards).

While waiting for the thing I really wanted, I managed to get most of the other stuff as well. Outfits, foot wear... even some unisex mesh dungarees.

Below are a few mix and match outfits from my visit. I apologise for those awful stripes in the photos, I think I understand them now anyway... see bottom.

Yasum 1

Sun glasses: Baggy Invasion
Top: Baggy Invasion
Gloves: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Jeans: Jeans Flash
Fishnets: Gruffy Urban
Belt: Urban Nitted (sic)

Yasum 2

Top: Slash - single garment
Pants: Punk Pants - single garment <= what I had my eyes on. Lots of potential me thinks.
Gloves: Steam Baggys Male Edition

Yasum 3

Armor: Steam Claw
Arm scarf: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Pants: Steam Baggys Male Edition
Boots: Steam Baggys Male Edition

Hair in the top photo is Dias, a new release at CheerNo over a past hunt gift hair base. Middle hair is Alain, also CheerNo but not as new and finally an old favourite, Rosa from Discord Designs.

My apologies again for those dreadful lines in the photos... I'm in a quandry there since I don't do any post production beyond cropping and light levels. It suddenly struck me I had an adventure with them in a former life.

I'm sure that if I counted pixels I would find the lines would make a rectangle exactly the size of my screen and the 'extra' pixels outside it show the proportional 'enlargement' of the photo format. It's therefor a side effect of the viewer. Both Firestorm and the linden viewer has that 'bug' or whatever it is, but from what I've heard, Exodus doesn't. That Exodus and Mac isn't a brilliant combination yet is a unfortunate misfortune, which I hope will improve with coming versions. 

This effect can be used with some advantage in other circumstances.... like my old pic below which is a raw SL photo. Yup... the photo format was 3 x 5 my screen size. Nifty eh?

The Dream 10

Anyway... there you have it. Take care and have fun.

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