Friday, January 6, 2012

On Thin ice

Sometimes you just have to admit that you just might be in the wrong place... or not quite knowing where you're... or... ok, I'm lost! I'm sure it was around here SOMEWHERE...

Being lost is not too bad a place to be at times, though... this place is quite pretty in it's freezing winterness. Unfortunately I can't tell you where this is. If I could, I wouldn't be lost.

Yup, another pathetic introduction from yours truly. It's true I'm feeling lost, though. There are different sub-species of humans evolving in SL it seems. Sub-cultures are affecting body type and it really seems to be such a deep divergences developing that 'cross dressing' is becoming increasingly tricky.

The effects are even more pronounced when one takes gender into account... and if you belong to neither, life gets interesting, to say the least...

On Thin Ice 1

There's nothin 'wrong' with this, it just is. It's in fact really fantastically fascinating. It's not as fun, however, when you realise that your favourite shape might not be the best to show off something, even if that something is a nice little booty in it's own right from a store you'd like to support.

Like the stuff I found at D R O P, a tiny store with a few generous things out. The red knitted sweater above and the grey long sleeved tee below are both group gifts (no joining fee). I've only seen them modelled on full males and they don't seem quite have the same modding issues as I have when it comes to a bulky body prim *hits hir hips with fists (repeat fast ten times)*

Life was made easier by creating a bulky 'shirt' under the jacket layer just to give my upper body a bit more volume and making the garments looking as bulky all over. That's a good trick in fact. Some very naturalistic effects can be created by a sensitive use of under garments to give some bulk to the clothing layers above. The best thing is that those are all free since you can make them yourself under appearance... nifty eh? Since they are out of sight, there's no need to worry about texturing, only sizing and amount of bulk matters.

On Thin Ice 2

The knit pants with grey leggings are bought... I liked the look of them but was down on the floor laughing (as usual) when I saw my skinny knees. I really don't understand... my legs aren't that skinny... they just manage to look it when I want it the least! Well, anyway... those knees where shaking as I made my way across the thin ice... going to all those weak spots you're warned about as a kid if you grow up in a country that goes real winter in winter.... BUT... the very same spots are the most picturesque ones... Sort of no win...

The patterned sock are an re-opening gift at NoaR. Bum Boots from a sale at Death Row Designs (not anymore - now 189L a pair or 699L for fat pack, 8 colours). The Yellow and Purple ones are up on MMs right now! There's a Lucky Board (changing prizes, 5 mins, wild card) at the same location, too.

On Thin Ice 3

The tartan flannel shirt is the Lucky Board prize at D R O P and is one of the items for sale in the store. Very carefully done up all the way, it reminds me of very cold winter days. The mittens are from BUKKA (90L, several colours and patterns to choose from). Being copy/mod, the cuff and band can be removed so they slip neatly inside a sleeve like here.

Other bits and pieces are from old purchases, lucky boards and hunts and the like.

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