Monday, January 23, 2012

When things go POP!

Big news - LaGyo is having a massive 50% anniversary sale this week... on ALL jewellery and accessories! Perfect opportunity to stock up on both old and new designs. It finishes the 27th, so there's only a few days left.

I find even some of the older stuff wonderfully fresh and new and went sort of wild... which is exactly why I'm wearing something I've actually have blogged before. Talk about imagination... :P

Seriously, the Floral Blind Mask is stunning. It also great with the lemon F*CK U - LYR Fur Jacket, which, together with the SKES Monster Pants, is result of another foray at CheerNo. The 'fur' might be a misnomer, but you can't deny the impact. While the pants are from an older collection, the jacket is from this winter's, even if not the latest, release. Not that it would do much against any winter cold, but it sure looks good.

Hip decoration is scavenged from a copy of the mask.

Pop 1

Tried to continue the wild colours all through. The colour change Waves Bangle comes from the LaGyo sale and the Piano ring from Accessory Bone. The ring comes paired, meant to be shared. 

Pop art Colourable Laced & Strapped Boots are my own mod of a great modifiable pair I bought from Blackburns on the Marketplace for the massive sum of 49L.  They come with a colour change hud so each part can be coloured in whatever hue... or retextured with a little bit of care. Brilliant for the tinkerer. and, YES, I've got my shadows back!

Photo location is Fuschsia Nightfire's installation Not Everything is Plain B&W on MetaLES

All for this time, I just wanted this out before the sale ends XD Take care!

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