Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year of the Dragon

 Wow! This year is going fast! Several days into it already and I've hardly noticed. Later this month, the chinese new year will bring us into the year of the dragon... what a massive bang that promises to be in conjunction with the 2012 of the Mayan calendar thingy.

Of course, the end of one world and the beginning of another can't detract for things that really matters... like a good freebie or a newly discovered thing of beauty. *nods nods*

Year of the Dragon 1

Like this unisex leather jacket that's the end of 2011 group gift from Opium... Too good to miss, even if the name suggests I'm a wee tad late to find it. Good things can't be too late, though, good gifts are very generous gestures that deserves attention as long as they're available... I think anyway. Group membership is free. Another group gift consists of grey stripy shirts for both genders. Two MM bords adorn the walls as well. 

Year of the Dragon 2

The real find, however, is this new release Dragon Fes ear piercing from WTG (not free, for left ear only). The naturalistic depicted dragon will go with any 'level' of outfit, from urban to haute.

I have feeling the release of this beautiful little beast is because of the chinese calendar. The 'ball' it holds in it's paw is the Pearl that asian dragons are usually shown as pursuing but not having caught. Considering that the Pearl, to summarise it suitable for a SL fashion blog, symbolises the wisdom and creative potential associated with enlightenment, I find this piece of jewellery very inspirational for a year that's started out so tumultuous. Wtg WTG!

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