Friday, January 6, 2012

The Great Leopold!

Lurking in the Mens.Select room this week is a fun 80L bargain from the chaps at 22769 - a gorgeous black leopard fur sweater (with some lace and feathers and who knows what else for decor). I suggested it was a very strokable sweater, and upon being spotted in the wilds I was greeted with "oooooo I DO WANT TO PET YOU"

Despite my animal magnetism it soon became clear that the only reason for wanting to get me out of my clothes was to steal the sweater. Wearing the sweater I'm cool, but it's January so without it I'm cold! I did the only thing any self-respecting man can do - I ran, I ran fast and I ran far! Given my giddiness over the sweater made me feel I was away with the faeries, I actually ran to a faery forest.

The Great Leopold

Luckily the faery folk were far happier to leave me frolicing (with the able assistance of the Knees pose pack from HelaMiyo). Partly because the sweater is too big for them (luckily they don't know how to resize prims, I had to bump the waist up a little hence the pinched waist) and partly because my majestic posing works well for all this fun. I have a hunch they quite liked the stars on the Mephisto pants from A:S:S too (not in a sale but only 105L). Rounded off with some basic eggplant socks from [hate this] and shiny new shoes from SaWoDe they have been very welcoming. I just hope I can find my way out again... there's more shopping to do!


Lyrilen said...

Utterly pettable!

Anonymous said...

/me starts to see furry things in a whole new light.... and I always enjoy your pics with the dramatic poses- nice one!