Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink with attitude

At the Modavia Fashion Week event in August last year, Gizza had me jump back a couple of steps at the visual impact of their group gift... a VERY pink outfit called Jolly. It was available as  gift for quite a few months. This was lucky for me, because it yo-yoed in and out of my inventory several times before it stuck.

I sort of can't get over the pants. I now fondly think of them as my pink aluminium foil pants. The material most likely have a proper name but be what it may, the hard shine takes some beating... and they're PINK! You've gotta love 'em. This outfit is no longer a gift, but is available for purchase, 250L if I remember correctly. I saw it on the Marketplace, but I assume they're available at the store as well. The outfit is complete, including vest and boots and everything in between, and the range of colours has increased to include purple, baby blue and black.

Before I continue, I would like to express my deep irritation when blog ads and vendor pics are so photoshopped they hardly resembles whatever they sell. What's the game? PS can't replace bad workmanship. Beyond one sale, it simply doesn't work.

This outrage comes after a disappointment, to put it mildly, with a pair of purchased boots that promised to have these pants on their knees and failed to deliver... badly.

Those are not the ones I'm wearing below, however. I found these beaut zebra WedgeChogs at GoK once I got my search image up and running. They're available in a range of colours and each comes with a choice of gold, silver or black spikes... and a LOT of them.

Pink With Attitude 1

I haven't got a clue how new/old they are, I don't much care about such things. I'm happy if they're available when I 'need' them. By now I suppose 'everyone' has at least one version of something using these sculpts. I really like these ones, though, some attentive texture work has resulted in a comfortable 'feel' when worn. Not a blister in sight.

The similarly zebra striped Rider Leather Jacket is a new release at Poison. Both male and fem versions available and, of course, in other colours than zebra as well. The lining is treated with the same care as the outside and is mirrored as tiny colour details elsewhere, a sure way to woo me. 

Pink With Attitude 2

The wall of free tees at Guarded Cross provided the aggressively pink tee. Intense colours and good strong male shading. 

A quick trip to Mandala sorted out the rest. The new unisex Smexy Tie Necklace and the not as new unisex Kookai Belt and all's done!

Hair is another new old purchase, Vanessa from Truth. Guy liner from A:S:S. Various piercings so old they may be excused. Finally, poses are both my own.

It's with some regret I have observed that shadows no longer seem to be available for me. I'm no sure if it's my ageing computer or the latest Mac version of the Linden viewer, but... it's back to the beginning for me :(

Oh... the photo spot... it's the Guarded Cross store. Pretty yummy, eh?

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