Monday, January 16, 2012

Being a Little Distraction

Okey... so I've sort of taken a few days off from the usual routine to do something different. The zebra's stripes never wash out, though, so here I am again with something I just have to share.

There is these place called the College of Scripting, Music and Science inworld, which offer free on the spot tutorials in the form of these huge posters you can study at your own rate. Or, you can buy them as books if you prefer another format.

My better half, pulled, teased and blackmailed me to their new book on level 10, The Book of Free Will. It is a mental defense class against manipulation by advertisers, cults, politicians or whatever other kind of predator who's out to get you. It's a quick easy read and an investment time wise... once you get there ^^


Okey... so that's not fashion, even if scams alway are fashionable. BUT, a friend pointed me in the direction of this new (I think) Otoko Oiran Miira kimono at BareRose (who's apparently is in need of some linden love. *Hint hint nudge nudge*) Doesn't the big board in the back ground match the colours in the outfit just brilliantly? Yup, there's blue details if you look closely. Big and billowing it is, the kimono that is, off one shoulder and with plenty of sexy wraps. High sandals are included as well. 

There are special versions for girls and boys and each comes with a black and a red choice. The Renkai sword is not included, I bought it on the market place for 10L or so. It is scripted for fight, but was chosen entirely for its colour scheme. Dramatically over sized, but the details are pretty.

My skin is the very pale version of my new custom skin from Blush

Heee... that's it, won't distract you any further. Take care and have fun!

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