Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Now depending on your point of view, my last post was either too stringy, or not stringy enough, but either way this post will hopefully please both viewpoints. You see, string is fine by itself, but you can craft it into wonderfully useful items, like fishnet! I have fond memories of a childhood pond dipping, rock pooling, crabbing, and probably a whole bunch of other things involving a little piece of netting on the end of a bamboo cane. Truth be told, I probably even wore a few of those nets as hats or gloves from time to time. But now... No more stealing stockings to get that delightfully knotty (or should that be naughty?) feeling against my skin!

Gone Fishin'

Yes! Jump into the latest round of Mens.Select and there on the Graffitiwear vendor are four delightful colours of fishnet briefs! Only 100L for the pack and no judgemental changing room assistant either. Okay, delightful may be over-selling really, we have masculine standards black, grey, and white, with green thrown in for a little extra delight. So more... underwear with 33% more fun? It makes up for the lack of material.

Now, if any of you have ever seen the nets they use to catch eels you may be wondering if I'll address... the issue. Well innocents turn back here!

To avoid entanglement the netting comes complete with a fine mesh between the strings. It's most noticeable on the white pair, although personally I think the effect is nicest on the black - it's such a good traditional colour for both fishnet and mesh. But the green is more fun. So safety has been addressed, but what about visuals?

The briefs come in both "junk" and "non-junk" versions (their name not mine). This is one of those strange tricky areas really since it's no secret that male avatars come rather lacking in this area, and although there are no shortage of prim options they can't be worn under your underwear layer. It really is an issue if you want to wear anything low slung or transparent. So you can wear non-junk under some hipsters maybe, but if you're wearing only briefs you'll appear a eunuch. Or very, very cold. Which brings us to the junk version, and an inherent problem with trying to put something distinctly 3D onto a 2D texture. If you play with the package on your shape you can help a lot, but ultimately you're going to look rather tightly wrapped.

The other problem is that of matching skin tones, or more accurately, hoping for the best. There's only one shade in the pack, and it's paler than the rest of my skin. Not by much, but it could be problematic if you're much darker than me. Of course it's one of those things, provide 64 shades of junk and confuse buyers, or a limited range and figure it'll be a reasonable match for many. I suspect the best solution is a tattoo layer solution combined with the non-junk versions if you intend to spend a prolonged time on display. Or stick to the white pair, the more visible mesh makes the skin tone less pronounced.

These are fun underwear. I must confess I doubt I'd use the grey, but then it's not my choice in RL either, so I find myself wishing it was a blue instead. Or if I'm really honest, something really fun like red or yellow. I probably wouldn't wear them very often either, but they'd make me smile simply knowing I owned them. It's Valentine's Day soon so you could buy them underwear you want to see them in, or you could each buy underwear they'll like to see you in. Or, you can buy flowers and chocolates. Your choice.

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