Friday, April 15, 2011

A Spring In My Step

The weekend is coming, and so is spring, which meant I couldn't help but smile when I got a notice telling me the new 22769 group gift was out! I quickly tried to finish what I was doing and rushed to take a look.

Now, for those of you who are still in doubt of my nerdness following my last post should know that I gave a little cheer as I opened the bag and saw the word "Rorshach". I didn't know whether I was about to get a Watchman costume or an ink blot test but I knew I was going to get a smile! So like the rest of spring I'm brand spanking new and ready to blossom, so what else could I do but grab our supreme leader Margaux and take her to the beach?

Unfortunately when I picked her up she was very not dressed for the beach, so I whisked her to the store where she could enjoy the wonder of a 10L springtime sale. Yep, the 22769 boys have made "Happy Spring" outfits and you can buy them for 10L this weekend, on the 18th... you missed out a great bargain! And yes, the Happy Spring has male and female versions, and the group gift is unisex with prims to suit your needs so it's a unisexfest there today.

Unfortunately when we got to the beach there was a bit of confusion. I suggest Margaux get on her knees so I could jump her. She seemed to like the idea initially but...

A Spring In My Step

...when I whipped out my hoverboard and leapt over her she just kept screaming! It was a bit off putting, I got the hoverboard from Eternal Dreams in the fading hours of the Pose Fair so I've not quite mastered it yet and I found her protests all very distracting! (In fact, despite the board coming with an AO I'm actually in a pose given to me by my good friend Bleu who knew I'd enjoy hanging upside down randomly.)

I was worried I'd actually scare Margaux's hair white, but she reassured me that even if I had done that she'd actually picked that one up in a whole pack for only 100L in Tiny Bird's closing down sale. Grab them while you can folks.


Margaux said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh <----- is still screaming... jk it was great fun, next time I will make you scream... hahah

Flash said...

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! :-)