Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is in the air... I'm breathing nature

Hello darlings, it took me a while to find a perfect location for these amazing creations that Nevery Lorakeet have made for her brand called Les Petits Details.

The floral prints on her skirts and the texture of the yummy Boho boots inspired me to explore SL a little more, so I took the online SL guide and landed on every single spot until I found an enchanted fairy sim that captivated me.

These are the new Dalia Dresses in blue, purple and brown, I couldn't resist to try all of them, hope you don't mind the pic spam XD. I matched them with the also new Boho boots in many colors, I'm sooo happy with them cuz they look so real and they weren't any trouble when I took the photo, cuz other shoes take a long to rezz but these boots were amazing... I can't take them off actually XO.


As you may know I like delicate and cute clothe, something that looks sweet, that keeps me "awwwing" all the time and these Pretty Patty skirts with that BIG cute bow make me feel darling :)


Big thanks to Nevery Lorakeet for these awesome designs, and thanks also to these stores that completed my look:
Skin by
(Mamboo)Chic - FREE on LB
Jewelry by
[Fairy Tail] - FREE Group gift

Les Petits Details to find this and much more!!.

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