Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jiao & Gum do Mix & Match Hunt!

Hello!! How's your weekend going? Laggy SL? no kidding haha Let me introduce you two lovely girls, they are so cute and sweet as candies:

Gum by JeSyLiLO has a gorgeous porcelain skin that makes her blush and lipgloss look perfect. It's really good when you don't have to add anything to your skin and look THIS good. BIG Thank you to Lilo Glom!! (This is Light skin tone, eyeliner, matte and shiny options also available in other tones)

Her cotton candy earrings are from Chop Zuey Couture Jewellry available for the Mix & Match Hunt, they crate a good frame for Gum's face. Thank you Belle Roussel!

Sweet top with grey shirt is the prize from Ancayi, I think it's really cute with that ribbon, cupcake on it. Thank you Cagalli Tokyoska!

Janie springtime jeans bu Jazumi complete this sweet look, I like the color and texture of it. Thank you Ayumi Banufong!

But if you think Gum is sweet, wait until you meet Jiao, she is pure innocence
Jiao by JeSyLiLO as I said is really a young and healthy face, even with the washed up face she looks gorgeous. You can find it also in other tones with make up, matte and shiny. Once again thank you Lilo Glom!

This spring kitty dress by DoomsDay makes her look darling and pinkish XD Thank you Maleni Wise! Remember all the clothe are current gifts for the Mix & Match Hunt, look for a pinkish little flower and they're yours! Hugs!

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