Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's all about Love

What would be the world without LOVE? I had some items to blog but didn't know how could I mix them and all came out for the L.O.V.E necklace I got as a FREE group gift on NHA!.

So I decided to grab my perfect stranger by the collar of his shirt and forced him to try a couple of poses lol, ain't gonna show you sexy.naughty.ones (I leave that topic to Flash hahaha just kidding!!)

This pose is from HelaMiyo and it's called my Favorite Seat, I found it at the Pose Fair (It's a gift can't remember if it was a dollarbie)

My sweater is a FREE Group gift from Awram Viie (Join the group called Wave, I'm linking the web group)

Those lovely yummy heels are the new release from PHILO, which happen to be the Lovebird platform heels (needed to be on this LOVE post lmao). Big thanks to Ashlynn Larimore I really like them and you can change the color of the lines so you can match them with everything which make them really usefull XD!!

You can love your partner in crime, your family, your friends!! No matter what they'll always be there, even when it's just to hang out and be adorkably cute

Big thanks to PIG for all the FREE clothe included on two packs at the FREE DOVE, I also bought the FREE Baby Monkey pack there too (includes the black and red pumps from the last two pics).

And at the end of the day most important thing is to LOVE yourself

Sweater by PIG (available at the FREE DOVE)

Denim Skirt by SE*Designz thank you Stella Eaton!! I love it!!

Emma hair by MILANA, ty ty to Asuka Martin and Sharifa Morenz!! You're doing an amazing job!

Dulcita skin by FILTHY (I guess you already know haha I adore these skins)

Kisses ppl!


KawaiiNicole said...

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

XD Aw thank you KawaiiNicole! XD