Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gems & Kisses & Sales

I just had to take some time to tell you about the great gift and sale items I found today.

First, let me tell you about Gems & Kisses. They are celebrating their 2nd anniversary this month, all month long. And how are they doing this, you ask? Well, by having sales and giving away a FREE item every day this month! All you have to do is join their group, for FREE, to be able to get the gifts and sale prices.

Yesterday was the first day, and this cool and fun platinum necklace was their first gift. The center bars on this necklace are color change with 11 options to choose from. I'm showing it in two photos below, in purple and blue. This one isn't free anymore, but you can still buy it for regular price.

Today's free gift are earrings in the same style as the necklace, but in gold instead of platinum. I'm showing them with the red color change option.
G&K 3

Also in this photo and the one below is a great find at The Dressing Room offered from Glam Affair. It's the lovely Mary skin for only 70$L. It comes with blonde, brown, and dark brows; pubic hair layers and tattoos, and also 5 different shades of lipstick tattoos.

Now we have three great finds from the LOW Sale this week, running from April 1st to 7th.
First is this adorably sweet and sexy Auverse Poppy mini dress from Snowpaws Fashion. It comes with the flowing skirt attachment as well as two options of the bodice attachment and is only 110$L.
Gems&Kisses, Snowpaw, GlamAffair

Last, but certainly not least, are the skin and lingerie in the photo below. The Phoebe Ivy lingerie is from Carrie's Lingerie and comes with and without sheer material covering your mid-section. (I'm showing it without.) Comes in all layers with the lovely sheer attachments for your arms and panties. It's priced at 200$L and comes in several color options. Carrie also has two other lingerie styles in the sale.
Carrie'sLingerie, Oceane's, Gems&Kisses

From Oceane's Body Boutique, you can get this very pretty Peaches Latte skin in Purple Charisma along with the matching Peaches Nailpolish. The skin comes with 2 options to wear plus the awesome Slate eyes in the photo. The nail polish is for your toes and fingers, and comes with gloves, socks, and tattoo options. The skin is 250$L and the nails are 50$L, only in this week's sale.

Well, there you have it, lots of GREAT stuff for you today! Be sure to head over to Gems & Kisses to get in on the 31 days/31 gifts celebration, visit The Dressing Room for all of their great sales, and visit the LOW Sale blog to see all of the amazing deals there too.

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