Friday, April 1, 2011

MIX & MATCH Hunt Finally it's here!!!

Hiya! April 1st! Yay!! Finally we can all run around SL looking for a little pink flower because Mix a& Match Hunt has started!! I love doing well made hunts like this one, and talking about the organizers I'm gonna show you what the sponsors of the hunt have made for you.

[ American Bazaar ] by Missqwerty Pevensey: This Pinkish me top is what every girl should have on her closet, I find it perfect for a date or just to go dancing to a club, and you can match it with this smexy jeans in indigo these are not part of the hunt but are available at the store, I like the star button of the jeans XD

Shush by Avy Fhang: I just had to go to the beach to show off this monokini, notice I'm already a little bit tanned :D White looks good on tanned skins and I love it, plus this prize comes with a belt and a mini skirt that you can add to make another looks like me on the photo.

Thanks to you ladies SL comunity can enjoy a FUNtastic hunt!!

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