Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drop dead gorgeous, she's a Street Diva

Hello ladies, how many times have you changed your look? In both lives we are always changing, it can depend on our mood or just becuz we want it, well if you're just thinking I need a change this might be for you!!

FILTHY Bodyshop has released it's second Full Avatar Project, and you can buy the whole avi for 299L until April 16th through the Marketplace. It's original value is 999L and includes:

* 1 Skin , 4 tones , with and without hairbase ( pale , pan , darktan , dark )

* 1 Cleavage ( big size as tattoo and undershirt layers )

* 1 shape

* 1 Lashes

* 1 set of nails * 1 hair ( Black )

* 1 eyes

* 1 brow shaper

* 1 complete outfit: Sculpted top , 7 colors ( recolor & resize script ) - Mini jeans shorties with belt ( with and without pistol and resize script ) - Belly button piercing - Face Piercings -Arm rings ( with resize scripts ) - Earrings - Sunglasses - Boots

I want to show you the tones of the skin:








I haven't used any other item but what is included on Street Diva avatar, and I wouldn't change anything, it's a really good avi project.

Big thanks and congrats to Alexandra Barcelos and if you have any question don't doubt it and contact her or visit the store BLOG.

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