Friday, April 15, 2011

My very Depraved Spring Madness

Hello!! I waited for this weekend to come cuz there are some awesome hunts starting,and one of them is the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt yay! . So here are some of the cool prizes you will find:

I heart Paper.doll so much for this Springmadness dress, it's one of the cutest things on my closet right now!!


Sweet Antidote gives us this depraved gown for those formal parties we all have sometime.


This Sparrow dress from CIA Designs was the first hunt gift I saw on flickr past week I think and I thought I need to get it right nowwwww so I counted all days until it's finally mine!! I didn't know but prize also comes with some good model poses that I used for these photos except last one. I love it!!!


This is me when I hunt and find the gift quickly lmao, other way I go nuts hahaha, I mixed the Ah Flou paint face tattoo hunt gift with this PixelDolls Eugene jacket also FREE for the hunt with the cuteeeee Evelyn hairstyle by RAW House.

Need more pics to get excited about this hunt??? Come on get up and look for a red/pink flower inside a black circle and visit all these amazing stores!!!

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Wer said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I really do enjoy ur blog. I've just started running my own and would love to share it with u. If u like it then pls link it. It would help me a lot to get started properly:) And here comes the blog: thank u!