Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drama queen

Hello darlings, SL Drama is something we all try to avoid, but in the end somehow we end up living at least for once a little drama situation...

You wait for it to change...
Try to kill time doing anything else but end up thinking about it...
You feel you're running out of chances to solve it...
You just want to die...
You think you won't survive...
BUT in the end you just decide to face it and deal with it. You've won :D

*sighs* I'm out of drama right now and I can tell I'm pretty happy!!! Thanks to Rockstarroo Gossipgirl for the Drama in a box pose set I really like it!! You can find it at Atooly.

What I'm wearing?? This extremely sexy, gorgeous, PERFECT MONS new group gift, and it's FREE!!!

And the make up that help to express my feelings is the seasons hunt prize from La Malvada Mujer, comes in other 4 colors, here they are:


But enough of drama, I want a hot bath... ermm wait... I don't need a human towel do I? We're just special friends what can I say? Let's him have a little fun...


Find this pose at Atooly too.

FREE Hugs for everybody! Thanks for reading!

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