Saturday, April 30, 2011

Belle of the Ball

You don't have to wear pink to be the belle of the ball, as Osterhase shows with her lovely olive green Sadie Dress from ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;. This beautiful creation is not available in world yet, but you can see it in person along with many more brand new creations at the Fashion Show on Sunday, May 1st, 4 P.M. SL time. This will definitely be a show worth fighting the crowd for. *smiles*
Cero Style & Glitterati Use 1

I not only showed up at the ball dressed to kill in my Sadie Dress and Rozy Heels, but I got to arrive in style with Katey's new GLITTERATI VIP Group gift! What girl wouldn't be thrilled riding in a Princess Carriage drawn by two lively horse? *grins widely* Of course, having a dapper man help you down the steps is always a plus too. *wiggles her eyebrows* The full version of the carriage will be released this weekend.
Cero Style & Glitterati Use 2

Oh, and when the clock strikes 12 and it's time to go, slip on your free gift from the ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; Fashion Show. It's perfect for the after party!
Cero Style Free Gift


Formal Dress and heels - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; - Sadie Dress, olive green & Rozy Heels, olive green - will be released at the fashion show
Short Dress - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; - Cleom Outfit, pink - FREE at fashion show
Pose - GLITTERATI - Princess Carriage - FREE VIP Group Gift
Lipstick w/formal dress - Piece of Mind - Rose Red tattoo - FREE in Best Selling Creations Hunt
Lipstick w/short dress - Piece of Mind - Sunset tattoo - FREE in Best Selling Creations Hunt
Jewelry w/formal dress - N@N@ - Bella necklace and earrings - $L 200
Earrings w/ short dress - N@N@ - FREE to anyone (Don't know how long)
Nails w/formal dress - CCD - Long Prim Nails, Diva Yellow - $L 100 on discount wall
Nails w/short dress - Studio Nails - French Pinks, Square - Was past gift
Hair - TRUTH - Zoe, driftwood - $L 250 a color pack
Skin - [dekade.] - No longer in business

GLITTERATI Princess Carriage VIP gift

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