Monday, April 4, 2011

Good idea Batman!

Yesterday I was planning to blog about The Wild Man Hunt, I had great fun wandering about (even if the lagfest that is Grumble meant I didn't pick up the watch gift until after the photos had been taken for this blog. Shame, I would have liked to blog it but oh well.

But yesterday's blog post got sidetracked as I became annoyed at some bullying I witnessed in another group. I made a big crazy person rant and decided to retreat into the brand new Man Cave I had picked up on the Wild Man Hunt at MollyWorld Dwellings. And boy is it a Man Cave!

Outside the Man Cave

A nice sized garage, with a respectable amount of decoration but not too much. Just perfect to store the Wild Man Motorcycle I picked up at M&M Celtic Design and the Slegway from (a tad ironically) Wicked Sexy Cycles. Now I've had a Slegway before but this one is hyper! I'm serious, my old Slegway is awesome, but I doubt I'll use it again with this one and it's HUD control, working brake lights, and heaven knows what top speed. And you can fall over on it! (Which I have done on a rl Segway - I am that cool.)

Braking to avoid breaking

I also flung out the Wild Man Chair from Tree House Treasures and Cozy's Muskoka Chair for somewhere to rest, even if I have a guest over. And if I do have guests I have the Ultimate Tailgater from Blaisdale and Co. so we can grab a drink.

A Wild Man Rests Too

Luckily the hunt also prepared me for if I don't have any company too, with the stunning SeaSide Boat bookcase from RoseHaven Designs for a quiet read, or JE Club Equipment's Guitar and Case (which is also a tip jar) should I want to make some noise! Although I don't want to disturb the Bluebird in Pipper's Birdhouse from Pipper's Place so maybe I should be green fingered and tend to my nice new Bamboo Spiral from Zoe's Garden (no honestly, she said I could take it).

Now that was a feel good environment I don't mind telling you. Luckily I looked pretty sharp too thanks to even more hunt goodies!

A Flash of Wild Man

And before I leave I feel I need to make a special mention of Big Z’s Custom Ink. I haven't included it in the post for obvious reasons once you know what it is, but you'll have to grab it for yourself to find that out! Seriously, if you like tattoos this is pretty much the best gift they could have in the whole store; go look around the store and if you like the work in there, find this gift - you won't regret it.

And on that note, our conclusion. Wild Man hunt is something I'm very excited about. The list of stores is impressive, and at 65 long (although like every hunt, more like 60 actually have something out) I feel it's a good length. Below 50 and hunts can be a bit quick, above 100 I think you're pushing it - there are too many gifts to unpack and check and it takes a long time to go through it all, let alone find the things. I also wonder about quality control over that amount too. Not every hunt needs every store, and not every store needs every hunt. I'd rather do a small hunt every month than a big hunt every few months personally, it feels more rewarding, I'm more likely to shop in the hunt stores partly due to cost (and really, when you have 200 stores even spending 50L in each is 10,000L at the end of the hunt), partly through time needed to complete the hunt (and sort the gifts), and partly because when I know I have another 150 gifts coming my way I don't see much point in buying that cool shirt that caught my eye - it will likely get lost in the collection anyway.

Wild Man hunt may just be starting, but I am impressed and excited about the next one already. I think menswear just got WILD!

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