Monday, March 28, 2011

We don't need no education!

Group chat today involved many language lessons, and then Ms Gothly schooled me on cow based puns. All in all it felt like I was learning stuff! So I decided to get all studenty. I ran to Sleepy Eddy and grabbed the stripy cardigan, over to SF Design for a cap and long hair (well, it's long for me anyway), some cargo shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals from my inventory... and then I wandered lost for ages trying to find somewhere to take a photo.

Wow, possibly the quickest styling I've done for the longest search for a photo location. Urgh! I've been "improving" my PC so everything runs slower too (hence me hiding from Andie's camera lately). I'm a genius! Anyway, here's the snapshot:

Back to School

  • V-neck stripey cardigan (unisex group gift from Sleepy Eddy)

  • Canvas cap with hair (25L Monday Mania at SF Design)

  • Black Cargo Shorts (on sale ages ago at Valiant)

  • Creme Polo (from art ME fashion I think it's an old hunt gift)

  • Eartshine sandals (grabbed in one of the frequent discount sessions at Kalnin)

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