Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Atooly for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

As Catherine said before... HELP US TO HELP THEM...
Many designers are joining efforts in order to bring to all SL Community products which sales will go 100% directly to help our brothers and sisters from Japan.
Atooly is one of them and for this event it's offering 3 items. I'd like to show you the pose first, because I think it's so appropriate for the occasion. It's called TRUST ME, that's what we all should tell to the bighearted Japanese family. No matter where we are from, all that matters is the HELP.
(same pose from different angles)
The other two items Atooly is offering are these cute necklaces in Red and Blue, I find them so "kawaii"!!!
Hope you can join us and give us some help, you'll be happy after doing it. TRUST ME.
*Special thanks for Rockstarroo!!!*

PS: LM Will be revealed tomorrow.

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