Sunday, March 20, 2011

ALBERO Kawaii Hunt Part II

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm back with more of Albero's hunt, have you started yet? Come on go!! awesome gifts on the way!!

After hunting I really needed to relax, I didn't have a hottub nearby so I just stretched myself out on this cute cupcake set designed by [sd], the have more poses but this was just the one I needed... yawnnnnnnnnn


Just to keep chilling out {Just a Pose} brings us this "Come fly with me" pose. I mixed it with the Zigana kawaii grass

HE tried to distract me from my homeworks, but how was I gonna put any atention on him having the most gorgeous and cutest desk ever???? THANK YOU Cheekypea for the awesome gift! animations are included.

At the end he gave up and kicked me out of the laptop, who's the bored now? lol

JUST in case you haven't started this hunt yet here's your limo: ALBERO

Happy hunting

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