Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fist Pump With the Best Hunt

What do these designers have in common??

Atooly – POMPOMPOM - JCz fuckin’ teez - Croire - BellBalls - iPoke - Baffle -
Nox - BlueSky - Vicarious Vitae - Designer Prims Modern Contemporary - Sexy
Swagger - Prime - Shup Bish - GL Designs - iDress up - KHUSH - Creative Muse Designs - LoveBirds Paradise - Pink Mist - Insatiable Fashions - Magia -
PeanutButterFly - Dahllywood - Label me Inc. - Visualz:Sassy Fashions - BedlaM - Quicksand - Pierce of Mind - Annabelle’s Song - YaYo - Absolution -
Tribal Luv Thang - Lacie Cakes - Paper Doll - Mango, Mango! - Your Face - Bound and Bitten - Black and Blue Outfitters - HOGSMEADE - ICED - POUR HOMME - Oh My Stars! - Acide - Icarus - Whittenton - ::VMC – Victory Modan Clothes:: - POCOS PLACE - Femme Fatale - Static Clothing Co. - The Cheese Shoppe - SLACY’S - Studio Nails - The Odd Shop - Be Happy

We all know they are designers we LOVE but what is better is they are all part of the FIST PUMP WITH THE BEST HUNT!!!!!!! YAY!

New hunt sign!

This hunt will start on March 6th and will last until April 3rd so you better get ready to grab all the goodies this hunt has. As a sneak preview here are 3 hunt prizes that I find awesome!!!

This yummy shape is the gift from
The Odd Shop and it’s called Cruel Thing (andie’s evil side mode on muahahahah). I love itttt thank you Perish Eternal!! Muaw!


Bellballs owned by lovely Viollette Vyper is giving three pair of realistic eyes!! I like the Blue Sunrise one!!


And what can you tell me about this skybox given by Designer Prims?? I took the photo using the sunset windlight setting, and played turning on and off the lights XD I really like it, plus it comes with another room not shown in the pic, so you better go and get it to see it complete!! Thank you Elle Crescendo muaw!


I’ll bring you more but don’t forget the date! March 6th!! Hunt with the best!!!!

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