Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MIX & MATCH Hunt Sneak peek (3/?)

It's me "again" lmao! But don't hate me I have gifts for you yay!!! Expectation for this hunt is growing so take care and good luck with lag, don't wear too much prims or ao's or whatever that makes you laggy... it helps YOU and other ppl that wants the prize as badly as you do :D Sometimes I don't even wear shoes lol, so, if you see me one day and seems I grabbed the first thing in my closet, that means I'm doing a hunt haha.


Katy top in purple by Just Me, looks sexy and actually you don't need to add a necklace so less time to get ready for a date haha! And purple is one of my fav colours *extra points!* Thank you Typha Bailey

Bottoms up jeans in fresh lavender by HolliPocket (come with prim cuffs I'm not wearin) I like my pants to look skinny hehe, and just a warning wear underwear!! hahaha I love the color and the design of the fabric, look closer and it's not plain, so thank you Holli Thespian!

Sakura tattoo by Legit, I'm half asian and I have a thing for sakura flower so I gotta love this tattoo!! Plus it looks really cute, big thanks to Misha Preiz!

In love tonight tattoo by Be-Lo.Te, I'm a romantic girl, this tattoo reflects that side of me, and the font used in the tattoo is darling! Thank you Bel Rain!

Thanks to my SL Viewer 2 I can add multiple layers so I'm happy to match this look with my doll lashes by [a.e.meth], tattoo layers have solved my SL life, I swear I can't edit any prim lashes so thank you so much Aemeth Lysette for making this gift on tattoo layer and prim also.


Through this whole post I've felt very feminine and what's better than a smexy lingerie set to keep that feeling up? And the color is just perfect!! Hurray for Sophistishapes and thank you Sophia Rossen for making us look gorgeous!

Wow, I have a lot more to blog but be patient, have a good night (or day lmao) I'll be back kisses!


Meli said...

love the eyes, where are they from?

Anonymous said...

Hi Meli, they are from FILTHY skins but Idk if they are selling them at the moment. I've asked the owner, waiting for her response. (I went to the store and didn't see them)