Friday, March 25, 2011

Pacific Crisis and Help Japan! - Sakura

One of the very best things about being part of a global community like sl is seeing how everyone rises to the occasion when our global neighbors need help. I am sure you are aware of the recent troubles in Japan with the largest quake ever recorded, the tsunami that resulted from that, as well as the ongoing nuclear crisis they face now. The effects of this have even reached others around the pacific.

Sakura Disaster Relief

If you would like to help, there are several events and special items being offered all over the grid with all or some of the proceeds going to help fund relief efforts in all areas effected. 2 awesome events taking place at this time are Help Japan! and Pacific Coast Fundraiser charity events. Through these events 100's generous designers have donated items with the proceeds from the sales going to reputable aid organizations.

Sakura Disaster Relief

There are many unique items made just for this event. Such as this
gorgeous cherry blossoms petals - pose prop by RunoRuno that I picked up at the Help Japan! event. This event will run for a month or more with 100% of the proceeds from these exclusive items going to the Japan Red Cross.

Sakura Disaster Relief

This beautiful wearable pose prop features these enchanting sakura petals blowing in the wind. It also comes with a hud that has poses made just for these petals. It also works well with other poses, like this one from Bent by our own
Catherine Fairport.

Sakura Disaster Relief

Inspired I went to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser event. Here there are 100's and 100's of items by some of the best known designers in sl. The funds from this event will go to benefit the Americares, a disaster and relief organization. The range and diversity of the items here ensure that everyone will find something they love.

I picked up this lovely
Pacific Crisis Skin by Dernier Cri. I was immediately drawn to the delicate features of this sweet skin. It comes with 4 skin tones and tears that are just starting to fall was made just for this event.

Sakura Disaster Relief

Another great exclusive I picked up here was this
Sakura hair by Exile. It also comes in 4 shades. This sweet hair is swept back from the front with twist going to the back and little sakura flowers adorning the twist. A great hair that will lend itself well to formal and casual looks alike.

Be sure you show your support and do your part to help ease the suffering of our neighbors all over the world. Check with your favorite designer to see if they are participating in some way. There are many specials in shops all over the grid as well. Hook up with some great stuff and help a good cause at the same time.

Thanks to the designers and everyone that work to help make these events possible.

Tat: Luck Inc
Pics taken at Tempura

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