Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIX & MATCH HUNT sneak peek (1/many XD)

*Andie plays drums* YAYYYYY MIX & MATCH HUNT it's almost here!!! And designers have been so kind that have let me take a sneak peek *grins*


April Dress by Nemesis. The combination of colours is so cool and screams spring so badly!!Big thank you to Calypso Clip!

Psycho Classic Pumps by PsyChoTroPia. I went to visit this store two weeks ago I think and I saw the photo of the prize and I just thougth "I NEED THOSE PUMPS!" so thank you Janire Coba!

Nerida hair in black by Adoness, those butterflies melted me! Thank you Cruella Pennell!

Vintage birdie table by La Flat (Come with a wearable bag that looks like the one on the table). Gotta love vintage!!! Thank you Posie Cheng!

Spring topiary decor by La'Licious, perfectly matched the scene! Thank you Amaliscious!

Here's a closeup of Nerida hair the little butterflies look really cute!



Blossom dress by Sassy!, I ADORE flower texture clothe XD so thank you Ivy Burner!

And couldn't make these pics without the model poses that are Magnifique gift for the hunt (5 poses just showing 2 here) thank you Scarlet Chandrayaan!

Before I go I also want to thank Avy Fhang, missqwerty Pevensey, Rayne Iali, Jodie Szapira, AzaliaTsutsuji Bosatsu and Crimson Melodie for making this hunt posible!! BIG HUGS FOR YA!!!

I'll be blogging more tomorrow, Teena will show us a bit more also so stay with us!!

PS: Remember, you'll be looking for a pink flower.

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