Monday, March 21, 2011

What's new pussycat?

What? Two posts on a Monday from Flash! Why yes, it is.

Have you seen the cats everywhere these days? Everywhere I tell you! I was wandering the Steam hunt the other day and I came across one called Mr. Tesla in one store which made me chuckle, but I probably saw cats in about half a dozen stores overall. Okay, so not that many out of 180 stores really, but... EVERYWHERE! And you can get them in green too! It's madness I tell you.

Anyway, I don't usually post on a Monday so I'm always too late for the wonder of Monday Mania, which is a shame because I owe a serious nod towards SF Design for their offerings every week. Today I picked up some Skinny Pants which I'm quite pleased with, although last week was one of the better offers with a shirt fatpack. I may not wear that style very often but at 25L it was hard to resist.

Other highlights of my recent non-hunt gift grabbing are the wonders of [BAIT] and their group gift frenzy, I picked up the Taken Mouf prim and then because I have commitment issues, I grabbed the Fear T-shirt.

Cats and Company

Oh, and like I said, cats everywhere! And a mini whitehead cow from Clutter. Well, with so many cats on the grid I figure a milk empire is my road to riches! Then I'll start blogging on "Insanely Expensive Fashionista" and dazzle you with my blingfest, you'll see, you'll see...

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