Friday, March 4, 2011

I was allowed in, honestly officer

Don't tell anyone, but in the dead of night I snuck into the Embody March Fair, erm, thing. It doesn't open until tomorrow but I couldn't resist a sneak peak. Luckily I've been doing the STEAM hunt so I had the perfect outfit for my nighttime excursion. And Embody's pack of Superhero poses (due out early next month) were ideal for my mission.

Crashing Embody

Yep, the good guys at 22769 made me into a dark knight, erm, for the night. With some killer combat boots I picked up from B&T's stall at the His Fair.

At one point I did worry I was rumbled by Night Shade! (Yes I know, I'm playing with universes here.) I squared up for a fight... only to discover it was actually just a dress from Greymoon for sale. A simple mistake that any one could make.

Battling Night Shade

However that panic did remind me I shouldn't be there, and nor should you... until tomorrow anyway, then you should pay it a visit. It's not too large, and there are some fun stores with a mini hunt too. But until it opens...

The Bat Blocks the Way

The Bat is minding the door! Your names not down? You're not coming in! (But seriously, visit when it's open.)

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